My Corner of Daylight by Ryan Staniszeski


A voyage into darkness embodied in raw feeling that will still the soul and make you question reality as seen thru the heart of a fellow traveler. Unlocking your mind and opening yourself to suffering is the only means of escape.

Bio: Ryan Staniszeski has been writing poetry, lyrics, and music steeped in subtle ambiguity for over 25 years. He is an ongoing student of life, constantly looking for the new, and thrives in the deepest depths of mystery. The selections included here were written in the elusive sanctuary…his corner of daylight.

Excerpt: Meek & Mild

With that grin on your face and that smile in your eye
You see the disguise of a million cold lies
And the chances we took and the bed that we made
It’s sad we have gone our own separate ways
And it’s spinning around like a circus of clowns
Feeling the ground to roll me around
This town isn’t tired I’m just tired of this town
On the same lonely sidewalk, I spit on the ground
Seeming lost, looking for more open spaces
I’ve searched high and low and found nothing but traces
And I’ve taken my chances and weakened my senses
To all that is lost by surrounding consensus
Into the bedroom with window and walls
I read thru the pages and pray for you all

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