Elopement Risk by Marie Danberry

She was transported via an unmarked squad car and arrived wearing handcuffs. Her only crime: loathing herself. “Elopement risk! Please ensure door is closed securely!” screamed a bright, bold sign affixed to the main entrance of her assigned unit. Welcome to the land of restraints, ongoing safety checks, sleep in view restrictions, questionable takedowns, unprovoked assaults, medication overload, self-injurious behavior, an unorthodox relationship with two fellow patients, and very stimulating friendships. This was not the life Alicia desired or expected, but she was miserable and hopelessly oblivious to her potential.


Despite her ideal childhood and incredibly supportive parents, Alicia was an intelligent young woman overwhelmed by mental illness (notably major depression). At the age of eighteen, she hit rock bottom and was involuntarily placed in a long-term mental health facility. It proved to be an enlightening experience, and the fascinating people she met along the way offered an array of intentional and unintentional priceless insight. She eventually persevered while completing her postsecondary education and found lucrative employment, but an unexpected tragic event approximately six years later (at the age of twenty-four) forced her to relive her haunted, unappealing past. Her mental (and physical) stability, along with the heartfelt promise she made to her father during her recovery, would face the ultimate test.


About the Author


Marie is the mother of two beautiful boys, enjoys karate, and works fulltime as an IT professional. She loves writing and considers it to be a very rewarding and entertaining side hobby. As she likes to put it, “It is my brief release. It is my break from the fun, organized chaos of motherhood.”


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