Lost Children of Cush by Letitia Mason



Letitia Mason fell in love with East and Central Africa while living and working in a Harambee school in Kenya in 1972. She has a passion for mercy and justice and now works for Flame International, an organisation providing a ministry of peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict and trauma. She has listened to many stories of women’s lives while on short-term missions in South Sudan. This book is a tribute to the bravery, faith, and dignity of the women of South Sudan during decades of civil war.



He holds my shoulder so tightly it hurts and pushes me towards one of the soldiers, who grabs my wrists and starts to drag me to the doorway. I do not want to go. I hear Ma give a wailing cry deep in her throat, and she runs towards me.

‘No! No! No!’ she screams. ‘You cannot take her!’ I try to reach her but the soldier picks me up and carries me up the steps. I hear a scuffle behind us and shouting. There is a loud explosion, and Peter cries out in pain and Ma is screaming:

‘My daughter! Don’t take her! Kill me.’ There is laughter and more gun shots. The door bangs shut, and the soldier carries me inside and drops me on the floor. I hear the key turn in the lock, and he is gone.


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