Overcoming Anxiety and Depression by Lydia Francis


The purpose of this book is to educate those suffering from anxiety and depression on how to heal themselves from within. Healing from the inside-out is the only way to improve your anxiety and depression symptoms. Inner reflection allows for you to heal and helps you be mindful of the present. It’ll change the way you think, feel and react to your life.

Anxiety and depression are emotional & mood disorders that can be disruptive to our health, relationships and day-to-day lives. Often times we let these conditions take over our lives when we simply do not have to. That said, if you do not take timely action to overcome anxiety and depression, your symptoms could exacerbate to a point where they take complete control of your life.

If you fear that you are going through anxiety, depression, or both, this book is for you. Designed to help you understand and improve these issues, this book outlines actionable information and strategies you can use to fight and overcome anxiety and depression so you can unlock a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life. The knowledge in this guide—when implemented—will help you reclaim your life!

About the Author:

Lydia Francis lives in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys working out and meeting new people. After dealing with anxiety and depression for the past 15 years and by chance finding out that she could help people through publishing a book, she took the chance at writing and publishing her first book on overcoming anxiety and depression in March of 2018.
Lydia hopes to help others who are suffering from anxiety and depression by providing inspiration and support. She hopes to create valuable content for her readers and fans which encourages and motivates positive change in their lives.

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