Nowhere on the Map by Caroline Walken

What do you believe created who you are?  Was it your childhood, an event that created a sharp turn in your life or, are your habits and beliefs hard coded in your DNA?  Nowhere on the Map takes on the age-old debate about what defines us.  In the story, we explore this in the lives of Jon Banks, Maggie Lewis and Robert Park.  Each has a childhood event that was a defining moment in their lives.

Jon Banks is loyal to the aunt that raised him, after losing his parents at an early age; he feels he owes this to her.  This devotion leads him to the small town of Hawks Ridge and eventually into the life of Maggie Lewis.  Maggie is the town sweetheart and stepdaughter of the local police chief.   Few know about her deep-rooted fear of abandonment, a parting gift from her estranged mother.  Meeting Jon has her testing the boundaries of her trust for a man thrust in her life temporarily.  When the small force reopens the cold case of murdered teen Josh Taylor, a rotation of events begins.  Pieces fall into place for the case and the lives of those involved.  The circle expands to include Robert Park, the local attorney.  Unwillingly drawn within, he revisits an old terror he prayed he had overcome.

The small town left summer behind and the inhabitants changed their focus to the start of school, the election and the Taylor case.  In cafes and corner pubs, everyone discussed the murder with renewed curiosity. With each rumor, Robert lost track of more time while he listened with piqued interest.  Disjointed events create a vortex that spins out of control, pulling everyone in the quiet town into its center.


Excerpt from Nowhere on the MapJon Banks meets Maggie Lewis :

She was cute no doubt about that – if she was 5 foot, she was pushing it and soaking wet he bet she did not move the scale past a hundred.  The most striking part was her eyes, brown with a golden tint that demanded his attention each time she faced him.  Dressed comfortably in cowgirl chic he knew it was not an act, the well-worn boots matched the soft jeans. She did not paint her nails; no, she wouldn’t waste her time on this he surmised.  Her hair lightly moussed; some sort of fruity scented stuff and she wore little makeup.  Comfortable in her own skin knows her place in this universe.  She was animated but she never flirted; she was likely dating the town jock.  He now recalled his aunt had mentioned a young woman that she had taken under her motherly wing, odd that they would meet this way.  This was the visiting Maggie Lewis, he mused as he remembered the sign-in sheet at the nursing home.  Heappreciated the deep friendship she evidently forged with Fern.

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