Immortal Spirits of Eden by Hasse Arezoomande

Excerpt: The main character’s name is Eli. Eli is a married man at the age of 35. He is not religious and only believes in science. Eli’s view of the world around him changes when he, by accident kills a child. Eli starts to see and hear things which other people are not able to see or hear. He is involved with a very vivid vision which tests his sanity. After a while, he finds out that, he can see the true nature of everything around him. Eli finds out what he sees in his dream and vision are the actual reality which only special group of people can see and feel. Eli learns how to enter this world and interact while he is awake.


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About the Author: I was born in 1968 and raised in Tehran. At the age of 18, I was listed in for the mandatory service of the military. At that time, Iran was in a bloody war against Iraq. Soon after the service was ended, I got a job as a bank teller. In 1992, I moved to Sweden to continue studying. I am fluent in three languages: Swedish, English, and Persian (mother tongue). I have a BSc in electrical engineering.


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Categories: books, ebooks, fantasy, fiction

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