The Cleansing by Anton Eine

Will beauty save the world? Not this time…
This sci-fi short story gives us a view of our world from perspective of alien invaders that just arrived to destroy any life on Earth. Can we do anything to save our fragile peace, to protect our home and the very existence of the humankind?


“There are many of those records in their archives. All different kinds. For example, you often find stories of a single individual’s life. This particular single individual somehow saved this world. Though I couldn’t figure out what it was the world had to be saved from. But they believe he will save them again. They pass this information on from one generation to the next.”
“Interesting. Maybe this individual was immune to diseases, so he passed on his genes to his descendants for them to survive?”
“No, Commander. It’s very confusing. They killed him, so he saved the entire world.”
“I don’t get it. Where’s the logic?”
“Me neither. But they have a lot of these illogical records in their archives. I keep coming across a visual record showing a pair of young individuals of their race. They’re on a floating vehicle. When this vehicle collides with a large piece of frozen water, almost all of them die.”
“The entire population of the planet is killed because a single vehicle collides with a block of frozen fluid? That makes no sense.”
“No, Commander. Just the ones on the vehicle.”
“That’s even more ridiculous. Why would they keep these stories in the archive? They have no value to the whole race.”


“I don’t read science-fiction usually, but I did enjoy Anton Eine’s The Cleansing. It makes a great read for a lunchtime break or as a palette cleanser between other genres and I recommend others give it a try.” By Linda Hill of Linda’s Book Bag.

“A very good read and hope to see more from this author.” By Sean Talbot of Seansbookreviews


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NCZ1J6P
Author’s website: https://www.antoneine.com
Author’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anton.eine.3
Author’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/AntonEine

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