Real Depression False Gods True Loves by Declan O Leary

 „Real Depression False Gods True Loves” is a true love story and is an encouraging testimony for anyone still searching for someone to complete them. Shaun has come through depression and is determined to jump back into life. He needs to share his most precious memories. His account is a confession without a priest. Priests and brothers are in fact the principle villains in this very untypical Christian love story. Alienated by the world around him, he had turned to socialism, only to be disillusioned in East Berlin. Nonetheless, the adrenaline buzz brought him back to Magdeburg the following year. This thirst for adventure exposes him to the charms of a beautiful Catholic Polish girl on a rainy day in Wittenberg. The love affair changes his life beyond recognition and gives him a rock to cling to.

This novel is at once a love story and a search for meaning. On returning to Ireland after many years in Germany, Shaun is confronted by a past he had spent his life running from. To move on, he needs to finally put the ghosts of the past to rest or sink into a bottomless hole. His story is set against the backdrop of Ireland, East Germany and Poland in the mid-eighties.

About the Author: 

Declan was educated by the Christian Brothers in Drimnagh, a working class area in South Dublin. Alienated by the inequality around him, he became a socialist, playing a leading role in promoting left-wing politics while at college. Later he became disillusioned while on a trip to East Germany and left politics.

Despite this, he returned a year later, falling in love with a beautiful Polish girl and starting married life in East Berlin. He later returned to his native Dublin with his Polish wife, where both were involved in education. They moved to Munich in 2001 to work at the European School. They have three adult children living in London and Germany. His first novel:”Real Depression False Gods True Loves ” tells the story of this passionate romance and a search for identity.


I was in a dark place when I returned after four months. I had to admit that my past together with the school reality had conspired against me and broken me almost beyond repair. 

This has been my attempt to face it all, admittedly a little late, but better late than never. So many years spent looking for an identity, so many years hiding from myself. 

O’Bradaigh still lurks with his ultra-nationalist God. The Ireland he represents has spawned the worst we can be. 

I had fitted in well before, but this time was different, something purer inside me refused to bend. In my own very humble way, I am finally at one with an honest Jewish preacher and a lone Chinese student with nothing left to lose.


Packed with only good
From the moment you start reading this novel, you know that it’s going to be a seriously packed story. The plot is unique, set in East-Germany, and the characters have great body. This kept me reading and wanting to know more. I also enjoyed the switch between different writing styles and perspectives. There are also so much wisdom and great quotes hidden in this story, that I’m sure all readers can appreciate and take something from. All in all it is very creative. I recommend this novel unreservedly!

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