Lilith’s Fury by Beatrice de Cecil

Betrayed. Banished. Bound.

It’s only when death comes calling Lilith learns the truth – she isn’t mortal.

She’d always been bad news, had never fit in. Not at school, parties, church or work. She couldn’t hold a job. Loved to drink and brawl. It was clear she was no lady. Her mother said she had spirit; her Pa, that she was a looker.

Now she knew why. She was a god. The only issue was they’d betrayed her.The gods of Olympus. Those who she killed for, on the eve of victory. It left a lousy taste in her mouth. Zeus took Lilith’s essence and sealed it in a key; stripped her of everything then banished her to their mortal playground. Tossed into a never-ending cycle of life and death, Fury, her faithful companion, held on for the ride.

But the gods hadn’t counted on the keeper of the keys turning traitor. Now they needed Lilith’s help. The deal was: kill the keeper and get it all back. Lilith had no problem killing him; she’d do it for free. But trusting the Olympians? That was another matter.

This story contains strong sexual themes/language.


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