The Perennial Migration by Dominik Marcel Kirtaime


The year is 3010, the human race divided; the new breed living inside the World Administration dome network and outside the older breed. A pandemic, broken out throughout the dome network by a corrosion in the citizens’ wrist chips, is causing the planet to die. Whether the outbreak was accidental or intentional, either way the reptilian race stood to gain from such an apocalypse.

With most metal resources now the property of the World Administration, survival of man, beast and plant will depend on such life forms working together; and the leniency of our galaxy controllers.

About the author:

Kirtaime grew up in the country outskirts of Bristol. After his military career he settled with his family in Germany. Wanting to write fantasy-fiction books was a childhood dream which he only decided to make come true in 2013 with his first book ‘The Perennial Migration’ – A mixture of adventure, conspiracy, legend, space travel all in one pot being stirred by hungry reptilians and cooled by heroes.


“The Perennial Migration was a book full of suspense and thrills, but those aren’t necessarily my favorite things about this book. Some of the things I liked the most were the characters and even more so the new look at a futuristic, post-war planet full of crazy new technology and structures. You get to see that from the very beginning in the prologue when the author tells you a bit of the back ground; like what happened to the planet, the split in society, and the dome structures and tunnels. I liked being able to follow the characters throughout a story, even when struggles and obstacles appeared for them. It was almost as if I was there with them. The idea of having to move to another planet is daunting, making this book that much better. One of the best positives is the adventure in a foreign place, but with familiar human emotions and attributes.”

“The author has done a great job capturing the post global war events and how the life for humans become. The pain, their choice to migrate to another planet and the role of technology are well written. Overall the book “The Perennial Migration” written by the author D. M. Kirtaime is a great read.”

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