Carved by Miki Ward and Garrett Ward


My Loss, His Change, Our Future

I’m Kendra Macbard, a lowly Federal Parks Ranger who has recently lost the love of my life. Now, I must find a way to protect my brothers from our enemies. There are few options until I met Mica – who introduces me to the Ceorfan. The Ceorfan are a race of gargoyles who have shared the Earth with humans for millennia.

I need their help.

The Ceorfan had human friends who protected – even fought alongside them in the Great Wars. Now, the protectors are the protected and the last descendants of their ancient allies – Kendra and her brothers. They all face a battle for their existence. Their enemy has returned.

The Ceorfan need my help.

In deciding to help me, the Ceorfan risk the exposure of their race. If I expose them, I also reveal my new found loves. Can the humans overcome their fear and hatred of the Ceorfan? Coming into my own magic, will I be strong enough to find a place for the Ceorfan in the world?



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for purchasing this book and reading it! We want to make sure you know that we feel this is a serious story about changing a world. It’s romantic, dramatic, funny, and sometimes a heart wrenching read. Be warned: this book contains reverse harem relationships, graphic sex scenes, rape, violence, and language.









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