Salem and the Sphinx War by Jonathan Burton Peters Jr.

Salem and the Sphinx War 8

Salem And The Sphinx War is about a boy warrior and his angel dragon Medea that have to set out to fight evil and to protect the light. Salem is a young orphaned boy and Medea is a solid white angel dragon, as well as the princess of the northern angel dragons, she is a fireless type of dragon with fur instead of scales. Angel dragons didn’t possess the ability to breathe fire, and they had very little defense since they didn’t have scales, but fur instead. The angel dragons did posses the ability to use advanced magic however and could easily summon a lightning bolt, or turn the enemy to stone.

Together Salem and Medea will set out to defend Delmore and the light from the rise of the evil sphinxes sought on destroying the human race and everything good.
They will also have to fight against an evil country called Tarkay as well, a country sought on spreading it’s darkness and burying the light. Tarkay seeks to defeat Delmore and all the other peace loving countries, they want to kill anything good and extinguish the light. Tarkay is lead by the evil King Grevill, the evil king of Tarkay that wants to spread his evil and destroy the powers of the light, the force of good.

During their quest both Salem and Medea would face hardships along the way, they would have to defend themselves against the darkness or they would perish.
Salem and Medea would prove to be the perfect companions to each other, Salem for his wise, but brave personality and Medea for her caring, but loyal and protective personality over her dragon friend. She would save his life countless times during their quest and would fit the role of fates’ decision about being his guardian.


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