The Values String by Ukpeme Akpan Okon

Retain your unwavering dignity. Incidents predicated on wrong choices should not becloud your innate self-respect, which had sustained you for a long time.
Wear your discernible glasses in order to recognize calamitous vices. Get dressed in your confidence clothes. Walk in your shoes; understand your uniqueness. Do not bother to spray perfume, if you are not accustomed to that routine. Your demeanor will ooze sweetness of smell.
Plot a course through The Values String, to discover the interconnection among transformation, fulfillment, and peace.

You need not release a bestselling record or be successful at auditions, to prove you’ve got talent. Apply your melodious voice to the author’s composed songs and you will see as you explore this book, you are certain to experience your ability to sing to, through, and out of any circumstance.

Revealed in this work, is an unconventional approach to self-mastery and betterment. One value is a gemstone. Envisage owning several values and stringing them…

“It is not a, ‘preachy’ ‘you must’ ‘you should’ kind of motivational book, but simply a beautifully worded book that can benefit the whole of the world.” — Ali Marsman.

“I loved the author’s tone. Her voice came across as strong, motivational, and warm. Reading The Values String feels like getting that well-needed pep-talk to help you get back on track. The feeling of the book was further enhanced by the songs that the author wrote and included in some of the chapters. Some of these songs help you to feel calm and at peace, while others help you to muster up the courage you need…

Overall, I believe The Values String reaches what it sets out to do. The techniques explained have helped me. I also loved that I was able to complete it in one short sitting.” — Kelebogile Mbangi.

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