DEPENDING ON YOUR VIEW: A Snoopaholic’s Quandary by Rose Marie Boyd



Maria Montagna is in a funk. Early retirement in Prescott, Arizona hasn’t turned out to be as wonderful as her husband Jack predicted. The Italian American from New Jersey considers her current small-town life to be humdrum. But then, during the wee hours of a moonlit night, insomnia sets the stage for some excitement. Stepping outside to cool off from a hot flash, Maria spots a man barging into her neighbors’ house. Too curious about what might be going on behind their closed doors, she can’t stop herself from keeping tabs on Denise and Bob Bendon. As the young couple’s troubles go from bad to worse, Maria itches to get involved. Should she meddle in the Bendons’ affairs or should she mind her own business? You might ask the author, “Is your novel about a menopausal busybody with questionable intentions or is your book about a concerned neighbor with a noble cause?” “Hmm,” she’d reply, “that really depends upon your view.”


About the Author:

Rose Marie Boyd, a graduate of Trenton State College, resides in Arizona. The author enjoys reading, writing poetry, painting and taking long walks. She is also an avid tennis player. Her previous novel is THE SPAGHETTI SET, Family Served Italian Style.

Author Website


Amazon Customer Review:

“This story is action packed and sends a positive message to anyone who has ever been physically or verbally abused. The author’s writing style is full of detail and makes you feel like you are at home in this small northern Arizona mountain town. As each chapter ended I couldn’t wait to begin the next. A very fun story with a serious message.”

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