For No Reason by Kathleen Gauer

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Jamie Higgins has a problem.  The new boy in her class, Brad Lugsley, keeps picking on her…FOR NO REASON!  Can Jamie solve this problem without getting into trouble?  And will she make a new friend in the process?


This picturebook, illustrated by Sari Richter, is intended for ages 4-8, and offers positive bullying solutions. Check out the Youtube trailer here.

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Author Profile:


Toronto author, Kathleen Gauer, has published High in the Sky (Skipping Stone Press, December 2015) and For No Reason(Skipping Stone Press, June 2017) as well aspoetry and magazine and newspaper articles. Kathleen worked as a contributing associate editor for Spires Magazine (a community focus publication serving Etobicoke) for fifteen years and as an arts columnist for the Etobicoke Guardian newspaper. She recently retired as a Special Education Teacher’s Assistant with the Toronto District School Board.  When not reading, writing or spending time with her grandchildren, she enjoys yoga, knitting and singing with The Harmony Singers, a local choir that performs in the Toronto area.  She also volunteers with the IBBY Canada Reading and Refugee program in Toronto and does author visits and storytime programs in local schools and libraries.  Her books have been acquired in libraries across Canada, Australia and New Zealand.




Jessyca Garcia:

I chose to read “For No Reason” by Kathleen Gauer because my daughter has had a similar problem to Jamie’s with a boy in her class. In the book Jamie is being bullied by the new kid. Jamie wants the bullying to stop but she does not want to get in trouble.

I really liked “For No Reason”. When bullying is written about, it can go many ways. I was impressed with how Kathleen Gauer wrote the outcome of this story. It was a positive message, and gives children a new way to deal with being bullied. Especially for my child who hates to have enemies. I also thought the illustrations in the book were very nice. They were full of color and displayed the scenes beautifully. My 6-year-old’s also enjoyed the book. In fact, she thought it was written just for her. She loved that Jamie wore her hair in braids just like her. She also identified with Jamie when Brad was being mean to her on the playground. She loved it when Jamie started acting like different animals, which is another thing she has in common with Jamie. I really think that she thought Gauer was writing about her.

Overall this was a great book! I loved the message. This is exactly the type of book and message that I want my child to read. I am going to be recommending it to my daughter’s school librarian. I hope to read more of Kathleen Gauer’s work in the future.

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