Seven Miles Deep – Chantrea by Valorie Lord

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When Jake visits his dad on a deserted tropical island and finds they have a submarine, all he can think about is taking it down to explore the ocean. But if he does, will he make the discovery of his life, or the biggest mistake ever?
Cori has spent his entire life in the greatest depths of the ocean, but he’s never explored it either, so he’s ecstatic to be sent on a mission into the great Outside. Now he must hide from predators and fight for his life, and he might never find his way home. Even if he can, it may be too late…

     SEVEN MILES DEEP – CHANTREA is a deep-sea adventure that will take you from an obscure pacific island to the depths of the mysterious Mariana Trench. It’s about some remarkably different young teens, and it’s about trust and friendship. And what we might find, if we dare…



Author Profile:

Valorie Lord grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, but after seeing a huge ray washed up on the beach, it was the ocean and its myriad mysterious creatures that ignited her imagination and planted the seeds of Seven Miles Deep – Chantrea. She soon became a scuba diver, which increased her awe and respect for the ocean, and anyone involved in its research and preservation. When asked who her heroes are, she’ll likely mention Sylvia A. Earle and Jacques Cousteau.  She and her husband Pauli enjoyed living in Finland for a dozen years before returning to the U.S., where they now reside with their two cats, Kisu and Misu.


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“A very fun and imaginative read for both children and adults. Would highly recommend this book.”

“This book was so interesting!…. I loved it, and I’m really hoping for a sequel!”

“From the very first chapter to the very end I was greatly intrigued and involved in this amazing adventure.”

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