Reindeer and Reminders by Angela Perkins

Reindeer cover


It’s Christmas eve at Rock House and everyone has their part to play in getting things ready for the big day. So why does Brian feel as if he hasn’t the faintest idea of what to do? Join Kit, Brian and their family and friends in a tale of snow, parsnips and festive fun as Brian learns that there’s more than one way to enjoy Christmas.






Kit nodded and just at the moment that he stood up, he had an idea. It wasn’t an idea that would cure cancer or end world poverty. It wasn’t an idea that would stop people from hunting whales or abusing their fellow man. But maybe the very first step towards these things was if everyone made just one person really feel the magic of Christmas. For Kit, of course, that one person was Brian.


It wasn’t a completely logical thought because Brian was already a good person. He did not hunt whales or abuse his fellow man (with the exception of a little light-hearted teasing of Kit and Francis). He gave to charity without making a song and dance about it and Kit was sure that if he’d had medical training, he’d have been well on his way to finding a cure for something. His sense of justice was as strong and unwavering as the lettering running through a stick of seaside rock and his logical brain meant that he was able to put that sense of justice to very good use. In short, Brian did not need to change to benefit the world, but a tiny part of the world needed to change to benefit Brian and Kit thought he knew how to make that happen.

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