Playing Faith by P.E. Young-Libby

Mistaken for a thief named Faith…
concert pianist Rad Damiano flees for her life
Shot in the hand, her entire future is literally bleeding out.


In exchange for a secret, experimental procedure to regenerate her hand—and save her career—Rad agrees to impersonate Faith.

But are the side effects making her time travel in her dreams? Or is that just her own crazy coming out?

Rad’s caught in a quantum entanglement of high-tech human traffickers, shadowy Spec-Int operatives, and fugitive-hunting marshals. And the suave, mysterious assassin she’s falling for seems to know her future.

Worse, he may have killed her father.

Can she out-smart and out-fight her enemies? Who can she trust?

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”YoungLibby has crafted a smart, rollicking thriller with the most resourceful, resilient, wisecracking pianist-actress-thief you’re ever gonna meet, and some fascinating glimpses of forefront technologies.”    — Amazon Reviewer

”Playing Faith is a suspense lover’s dream. This book has it all: great writing, unusual plot, surprise twists, a vicious villain, fear and a good dose of humor.”    — Amazon Reviewer

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