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The Diamond Grenade by Daniel Julian aka Arthur Thomas Morton aka Eugene Uttley

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PromoteYourBookFreeGroup is an offshoot of the PromoteYourBookFree Community Page. We are coming up on a 30k member benchmark, which is exciting. We just got a hot Guides section with quid pro quo Train posts... like i like you you like me.... We're thinking about making some rules finally to keep some ppl from trying to predate money out of us, and other ppl from posting viral video clickbait. In the Genres Guide, there's a post for Freebies. That could be cool. What else? Oh, our moderator just came out of the Sz closet. That's weird. But such is life.


@PromoteBookFree - manual retweets of posts with @promotebookfree in them.


We have our own subreddit named r/PYBFH (for PromoteYourBookFreeHangout), which I envision as our shitposting site - you know, where we can post odd memes and things and talk about what a crap job the moderators are doing. But nobody has gone to that subreddit for years, so there are icy cobwebs everywhere.


Well, the moderator's account there used to be PromoteYourBookFree, and now it's BookBubble, but nothing has come of that.

Facebook: PYBF or PYBFG

Twitter: PBF

Reddit: PYBFH


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